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Meet the Team.

Get to know the people behind Luxdia Branding Agency! Our team is 100% authentic and is devoted to providing consistency in our client's core values that lack or are in need of professional representation at an affordable rate.

Sydney Godet.jpg

Sydney Godet

Marketing Director

Sydney is a Communications major and Arts Management minor at the College of Charleston with a substantial amount of internship and marketing experience.


She is passionate about communicative, quality work that engages communities and emphasizes the importance of branding.

Alaijah Hampton.jpg

Alaijah Hampton

Art Director

Alaijah is a designer currently pursuing a B.F.A. in Motion Media Design with a minor in Advertising Art Direction at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

She accentuates thoughtful designs that nurture and spark impactful consumer-brand connections with each project she develops and works on. She seeks to create a narrative that leads to open discussion. If you leave with internal questioning or sparked dialogue, then she considers the job well done. 

JD Aller.jpg

JD Aller

Logistics Director

JD is a forward, introspective individual that has a natural gift for communication and logistics.

They take initiative with diligence and enthusiasm and has a deep understanding of transparent messaging amongst themselves and others. 

When an idea is brought to them, they are able to envision, elaborate, and embolden parties into action: a testament to their correspondence and execution.

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